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Cost of Living in Singapore for Students

Besides the university tuition fees, your living expenses are vary depending on the individual living standard and the choice of accommodation.

How much money do you need?

For an international student (from visa-required countries) to apply for a student’s pass in Singapore, you will need to show your finical ability. The recommended amount to shown on the proof of financial ability is S$30,000.

This S$30,000 amount of money is an estimated yearly amount of your tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. The median tuition fee for all education levels in Singapore is about S$20,000 per year. That means as an international student, and you should have approximately S$800 per month to prepare for your cost of living in Singapore.

The cost of accommodation for a student is about S$400 to S$800. It also varies depending on the type of accommodation, location and the number of people sharing. You can read more on student hostel in Singapore.

In addition to your cost of accommodation, you will need about S$400 to S$800 per month for other living expense. It is an estimate of basic monthly expenditure, vary depending on your lifestyle.

Here is the breakdown of your cost of living in Singapore

  Expense Type Amount Remarks
accommodation Accommodation $400 - $800 Depends on room type, location, and No. people sharing
transportation Transportation $50 - $80 Depends on 2 trip per working by public transport
food Food $300 - $450 Based on $10-$15 per day for 3 meals at foodcourts
mobile phone and internet Mobile phone and internet $30 - $50 Varies with the packages and service providers
personal expenses Personal Expense $100 - $300 Varies depending on individual lifestyle
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Money-saving tips for students in Singapore

  • Apply for student travel concession card, the monthly unlimited bus and train rides are starting from just $41.
  • Bring your student card along all the time. You can get student discounts at restaurants, cinemas, museums, clothing shops, and other more.
  • Connect to campus WIFI whenever, it helps you cut down your mobile data usage.
  • It is not necessary to have a brand-new textbook when your new semester starts. Buying used textbooks from you seniors can help you save a lot, and the best part is you can sell them to your juniors.
  • The cost of accommodation widely depends on the location you choose to stay in. Do more research about your accommodation.

Study in Singapore has great value for students

  • Live in a diverse and friendly city
  • Receive an internationally recognized qualification
  • Expert your language skill, English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil
  • Built a lifelong friendship
  • Gain work experience in the global business hub
  • Expand international networking