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What are the factors besides ranking when choosing a university?

Factors besides ranking when choosing a university
Factors besides ranking when choosing a university

Besides university rankings, there are few more factors which need to take in consideration when choosing a university. Environmental factor such as location, safety, cost of living and employment prospects such as internship opportunities, career service support, industry reputation is also important.

Majority students and parents are advocated top ranking when choosing universities for their higher education. They always think of getting a degree from a top-ranking university will benefit for their future. As long as they can get in the top ranking university, whatever the university is, whichever the major they have been accepted, they will be satisfied. Sometimes this decision is made without thinking about the teaching content, environment and future employment prospects, this is not comprehensive.

University ranking can show the strength of a university to a certain extent, there are hundreds of university rankings out there, different university ranking has a different methodology. Some of the university rankings do take university academic reputation and faculty/student ratio as the higher weight of measurement. While choosing universities, a ranking can be a part of the consideration but should not be the key factor for the final decision.

When selecting the university, environmental factors are the factors that must take consideration. Besides that, longer-term employment prospects are also important when choosing between universities.

Environmental Factors

City University vs Campus University

City university usually located in the city centre, and easy access to city facilities. When studying here, students will have more interaction with the rest of society not only the peoples with similar age. Living in a city centre also provides you with many work opportunities in both part-time jobs that support you during your study time and internships that lead you to find a job after you graduate.

Campus University is like a small village, it consists of restaurants, shops, bars, banks, post office, sports facilities etc. It is safer, and convenience as almost everything you need is walking distance around you, resulting in lesser travelling time. You will be mix around with people around a similar age and share the common goals.

Cost of living

Cost of living in the specific city is also an important factor when you choosing a university. The cost of accommodation, food, transportation etc. With 3-4 years of spending on these, it is going to be a big factor that can make or break a decision of attending a university.

Location of the city

The distance from the university to the city centre distance with parents or home states can be a factor for a student when choosing the university.

The location of the university and the surrounding economic conditions, also a key factor for choosing a university. Because the conditions of daily life like transportation, distance to the city centre and living facilities can make your living environment convenience and easy.

Employment Prospects

Longer-term employment and earning prospects are important when choosing between universities.

Internship Opportunities

Some universities offer courses in cooperation with local business organizations. Students can do both study theory with practice and learn new technologies by getting on the job training. Universities even offer courses with one-year practical training. When choosing a university, it also important to consider whether there are internship opportunities related to the course nearby.

Career Services

Students go to universities are expecting to find a job in their desired field upon graduation. It’s important that your university has a great career services program that will support you find a job you’ll love. Some universities have better resources and networks for specific industries after graduation.

Industry Reputation

When choosing a university, industry reputation is also important for your consideration. For example, In the US accounting industry, everyone knows UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, there are many UIUC alumni in the “four big” accounting firms. The US Accounting Professional Announcement ranks UIUC’s accounting program as the best accounting program in the United States.