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Singapore University Qualifications

Undergraduate courses in Singapore are for students who want to study a Bachler’s degree. Postgraduate courses are for students who have completed their Bachler’s degree and wish to extend their education to Master’s degree or PhD.

What is an Undergraduate Course?

Undergraduate courses in Singapore are normally referred to as the Bachelor’s degree programmes. Students need three to four years to complete an undergraduate course.

Universities in Singapore offer world-class courses, focus on the multidisciplinary courses and practical curriculum. Universities are actively collaborating with local and international creative companies provide students with comprehensive, practical opportunities.

What is a Postgraduate Course?

Students who completed a Bachelor’s degree and wish to extend their education, postgraduate courses are the course for them.

Postgraduate courses in Singapore are split into two categories, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research. Postgraduate taught courses are usually to master’s degree programmes, in Singapore it usually takes a year to complete. Postgraduate research courses are commonly known as PhD programmes, students will need to take about three to five to complete it.

Student Advise

  • Universities in Singapore cultivate students’ educational concepts that emphasize the combination of theory and practice.
  • Study a course with double major or courses have multidisciplinary that help you stand out of the crowd in the future job market.