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Study In Singapore After 11th For Indian Student

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Singapore is a popular study destination for Indian high school graduates. Many 11th students do not realize that they have the same opportunities offered to them as the 12th students. Indian student can get direct admission into year 1 of bachelor degree once they finish pre-university foundation program without taking 12th exam.

How to study in Singapore after 11th

Many world top universities now are offering pathway programs to bringing students to their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The pre-university foundation program provides the academic and English language preparation for students who are seeking entry to the 1st year of undergraduate degree studies. It is also equivalent to a year 12 qualification.

Foundation Program Timeline For Indian Students To Study in Singapore

Why you should study in Singapore after 11th

The pre-university foundation program includes the dedicated English language classes, study skills and the introduction of your degree program. It will also help students to:

  • Develop the study skill to get used to university-style teaching
  • Better the English language proficiency
  • Understand your field of study before progressing to a full degree programme
  • Prepare the academic skills for the undergraduate level studies
  • Integrated into university life from day one
  • Guaranteed progression to undergraduate degree at the home university

Requirements for study in Singapore after 11th

The university set its entry requirements for each program to ensure that students have the right skills and knowledge to complete the program they enrolled successfully. Admission entry requirements vary widely depending on the qualification, the academic level, and also the individual university. Two critical sections made up the university admission requirements:

English Language Proficiency: Students need to have a TOEFL or IELTS result as proof for your English language proficiency. The typical English Language requirement is IELTS 5.5 equivalent or above.

Exemption for TOEFL or IELTS Results

Indian student can be exempted for this requirement if the medium of instruction of their previous education is English medium.

Academic Qualification and Grade: The typical academic requirements for Indian students are: All India or State Board Secondary School Certificate 11th completion and grade is average 55% or above. This requirement can be different depending on the universities and the courses you choose.

University option for studying in Singapore after 11th

James Cook University Singapore offers pre-university foundation program, it allows the enrolled student progress to its 1st year undergraduate degree upon completion of the program. Here are the program requirements and fees:

Course Duration Academic Requirements Total Fees (SGD) Total Fees (INR)
Pre-University Foundation Program 8 months Year 11 with 60% average $14,980 ₹8.27 Lakh
Pre-University Foundation Program (Extended) 12 months Year 11 with 55% average $20,430 ₹11.28 Lakh

Studying in Singapore after 11th examination is an excellent way for you to enter to your dream university. Having an exclusive year at your future university will better prepare you for the coming undergraduate studies.

Ready to study in Singapore after 11th

₹50,000 Grant | No Agent Fees | No Application Fees for 2021 intakes