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University Ranking – Background Information

University Ranking Comparison - Background Information
University Ranking Comparison – Background Information

When entering the stage of university selection, university ranking becomes the top influencer for students and parents to make the final decision. Which ranking they should refer to? What are the factors besides rankings they should take into their consideration? Let finacc share some insights with you.

On the one hand, from the student’s point of view. Studying in a better ranking university, it might mean a better career opportunity in the future. It might mean a higher beginning salary package. It might also mean they being able to access a strong and higher value alumni network, and fulfil their “famous university complex”.

On the other hand, from the university point of view. Ranking means they can receive a better student source with great prudential. Sometimes, the ranking can be the best indicator for the strength of the university.

There are a hundred types of university ranking out there, regional university rankings, worldly university ranking and university rankings with different key indicators. Some top university ranked 5th in a certain ranking, they could be ranked outside the top 10 in another ranking.

Which university ranking we should use as a reference for university selection? Who are they? What are the specifics of them? How do the metrics work behind these ranking?

We will talk about some university rankings in our following blogs, compare the key indicators, metrics and specialities of them. Hope you will have some insight and overview of university rankings.