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What, Why and How of an Associate Degree?

Not everyone goes straight to college after high school. Some students have finished school. Some don’t have the time or money to follow a traditional curriculum. Those who are already working may need proof that they have the skills necessary for promotions and raises in their field. An associate’s degree allows you to develop skills and gain experience before taking on a four-year degree program’s rigors.

What is an associate degree?

An associate’s degree typically takes two years. It bridges the gap between what you learned while pursuing your high school education and the final two years of study leading to a bachelor’s degree. The members of each field decide what skills you need to have to be successful in a given field of activity. These skills will form the backbone of your two-year program

Why get an associate degree?

It opens the doors. Your diploma tells employers that you will be part of the culture of the company. Hiring managers can be confident that you will share the same background and experiences with your colleagues.

This creates a ladder of advancement. Your skills should match the future needs of the middle management company. The most successful companies want their line of succession to remain intact. They prepare potential managers from day one.

Employers want proof of their skills. Your value to the business must exceed the cost of your salaries and benefits. You are an asset the company wants to hire when you have the right skills because you need less training. It demonstrates a work ethic. Employers see that you won’t just warm up a seat. The qualification shows that you won’t give in under pressure or quit during tough times.

The degree indicates that you have a general idea of ​​what fieldwork is. It shows initiative. Obtaining an associate degree indicates that you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and that you will be proactive in your work when necessary.

How many credits is an associate’s degree?

In general, associate degree programs require approximately 60 credit hours per semester; in comparison, a traditional bachelor’s degree requires around 120. However, the number of courses a student will have to take maybe reduced if he transfers credits already acquired.

A student’s specialization may also have a slight impact on the total number of credit hours they are required to take. Some programs, like engineering, require more technical and fundamental requirements that could add credit hours. But in general, it’s the same as our physical programs, between 60 and 68 credit hours.

How many years is an associate’s degree?

It typically takes two years to earn an associate degree for many students on campus, while it takes around four years for a bachelor’s degree. These numbers vary more among online students. Many enroll in a small number of courses and enter with a few college credits already earned, whether through previous enrollment at a higher institution of education, certification exams such as the College- Level Examination Program, or military experience.

There may also be options for online students who want to speed up their graduation journey, which can be a good option for those looking to advance their careers faster.

How long is an associate degree?

Most associate degrees can be completed within two years, although there are some accelerated degrees that can be completed in as little as one year. Students may shorten the time required to acquire financial statements by credit through AP tests (Advanced Placement) and acquire CLEP tests. Some schools also offer credits for work experience.

What jobs require an associate’s degree?

IT support specialists, dental hygienists, and diagnostic ultrasound technologists have the highest projected number of new jobs available between 2016 and 2026. Architectural and civil engineering drafters, cardiology technologists, and civil engineering technicians can also expect a high demand for their skills.

Air traffic controllers had the highest median salary. As of 2016, they could expect to receive $ 75,000 per year or more. Aerospace engineers, avionics technicians, forestry and conservation technicians, and geological and petroleum technicians all had a median salary of between $ 55,000 and $ 74,999 per year in 2016.

What are the benefits of an associate degree?

There are many different reasons to consider an associate degree. First of all, an associate degree can lead to better career prospects and a higher salary than a high – school diploma. Also, an associate degree can provide the necessary training you require to enter a particular business area. Other reasons for getting an associate degree:

  • Most associate programs have reasonable tuition fees.
  • Most credits earned in an associate degree can be transferred to an undergraduate degree.
  • Employers can hire applicants with an associate degree versus applicants with a high school diploma.
  • In just two years, you can get the training you need to get started in fast-growing businesses like accounting, information technology, and finance.
How do you get an associate’s degree?

Decide what type of associate’s degree to pursue. There are four types: Associate of Arts, or AA; Associate of Science, or AS; Associate of Applied Sciences, AAS and Associates of Applied Arts, or AAA. The first two are for students who wish to transfer their credits into a four-year program.

AA and AS courses are equivalent to first-year and second-year courses at a four-year college. An associate’s degree in applied science will give you access to specific technical areas such as customer relationship management, web design, and legal support services. If you want to become an educational assistant or sales manager, look for an associate’s degree in the arts. Take an associate of science program to become a medical transcriptionist or physiotherapist.

When applying to schools offering associate-level programs, be careful with search engine results. Don’t assume that the search engine rank equals the quality of the program. Many schools pay to enter the top five results. Instead, get recommendations from members of professional organizations.

Look for grants and scholarships.

Apply for every scholarship you find, even if you don’t meet the required qualifications. If the donor asks the school to award the scholarship, you can still receive it. rewards aggressive applicants with a $ 500 scholarship if they prove they have applied for whatever is possible.

Organize a meeting with an educational advisor. Match your program of study to the courses offered for the next two years to graduate on time. Finally, decide to attend online or in person. Attend online classes if your work hours or family responsibilities will interfere with daytime attendance.

In Summary

How many credits is an associate’s degree? 60 credit hours per semester
How many years is an associate’s degree? typically takes two years
How long is an associate degree? Most can be completed within two years,
some accelerated degrees that can be completed in one year
What jobs require an associate’s degree? Architectural and civil engineering drafters
cardiology technologists
civil engineering technicians
dental hygienists
diagnostic ultrasound technologists
IT support specialists