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Can You Work on a UK Student Visa?

While studying in the UK, international students can work up to 10 or 20 hours as part-time. During vacations, you can work full-time. This helps students to have some extra cash but more importantly, it provides students with an excellent opportunity to boost up experience in the workplace.

The number of hours a student can work depends upon the type of student visa. Below table gives a good overview of working hours and conditions for different student visas.

Type of visaConditionsDuring TermDuring Vacations
Short-term study visaShort coursesNot Allowed
Tier 4 (Child) visaAge below 16 years oldNot Allowed
Age between 16 - 17 years old10 hours per weekFull Time
Tier 4 (General) visaCourses from private provider, further education college, and part-time courses Not Allowed
Courses below degree level10 hours per weekFull Time
Courses at degree level or above20 hours per weekFull Time

Although your student visa might allow you to work part-time by law, some universities have their own guidelines on the limits of working hours. Do check with your university and find out how many hours you can work while you study.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What type of jobs are available for you when on UK Student Visa ?

Below table gives you the sample of job you can engage for both on-campus and off-campus, also the jobs you shouldn’t do by the UK home office.

On-campus Job Off-campus JobJobs You CAN’T Do
student ambassadorcustomer support officerself-employment and business activity
student support officerdelivery driverprofessional sportsperson and sport coach
admission officersales promoterentertainer
waitresssocial media assistantpermanent full-time job
library assistantevent coordinatordoctor or dentist in training (except on the foundation programme)

2. Where can I find the job opportunities for international student in the UK?

For on-campus job vacancies, most of the universities have a career services office, you can access the job information at their office or online vacancies portals.

There are also a number of job website which you can look for, most of jobs are off-campus bases, they are:

3. What is the part-time jobs salary in the UK?

The pay is different depends on the job scope and also the city where you study. Generally, the pay for part-time jobs is between £7 to £11 per hour.

You should also know your employment rights, find out more on the UK government’s guidance on the national minimum wage.

4. Can my spouse work in the UK?

Your spouse can work if you are taking:

  • a postgraduate course that more than 9 months
  • a government-sponsored course that more than 6 months
  • a degree level or above course (need to apply for permission)

Your spouse can work without time restrictions, but he/she will not able to be a professional sportsperson and a doctor or dentist in training.