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How Much Does It Cost to Study in UK Universities?

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Compare to Australia or Singapore, the cost of study in the UK for international students are considerably high. Tuition, accommodation, living costs and the work conditionals are the key elements to determine the cost of study in the UK. Students should consider these costs before deciding to study there.

Generally in the UK, an undergraduate degree takes three years to complete, but there are some universities which offer four years of undergraduate degree programmes and three years sandwich degree programme plus a year of placement.

Three key elements which determine the cost of study in the UK are:

1. Tuition Fees

University tuition fees are vary depending upon student’s nationality and residency country. There is a significant difference in fees for EU/UK students compare to other nationality International students.

Tuition fee also depends on which location in the UK you have chosen for your studies. For a non-EU/UK student, while tuition fees in England are highest among the four regions of the UK, universities in Northern Ireland have the lowest. There is not much difference in tuition fees for international students versus EU/UK student in Scotland and Wales.

Below tables give you the example of university tuition fee in each of four countries in the UK, for both bachelor degree and postgraduate.


Tuition Fee p.a. (2019-2020)University of Glasgow University of St Andrews
Undergraduate DegreeAccountancy & Finance (Bacc) (4 years)Financial Economics BSc (Hons) (3 years)
Scotland and EU£1,820yet to be set
England, Northern Ireland, Wales£9,250£9,250
Overseas students (Non EU UK)BA £17,620; BS £21,020£22,350
Postgraduate Taught DegreeFinance & Management (MSc) (1 year)Money, Banking and Finance (MSc) (1 year)
UK/EU students£11,250£10,880
Overseas students£21,020£21,990


Tuition Fee p.a. (2019-2020)University College London (UCL)The University of Manchester
Undergraduate DegreeStatistics, Economics and Finance BSc (3 years)Accounting and Finance BAEcon (3 years)
UK/EU students£9,250£9,250
Overseas students£25,260£18,500
Postgraduate Taught DegreeFinance MSc (1 year)Accounting MSc (1 year)
UK/EU students£29,220£25,000
Overseas students£29,220£25,000


Tuition Fee p.a. (2019-2020)Cardiff UniversityBangor University
Undergraduate DegreeAccounting BSc (3 years)Accounting and Finance BSc Hons (3 years)
UK/EU students£9,000£9,000
Overseas students£17,650£14,000 (2018-2019)
Postgraduate Taught DegreeAccounting and Finance MSc (1 year)Accounting MSc (1 year)
UK/EU students£13,350£9,000 (2018-2019)
Overseas students£22,350£15,000

Northern Ireland

Tuition Fee p.a. (2019-2020)Queen's University, BelfastUsler University
Undergraduate DegreeAccounting BSc (3 years)Accounting and Marketing BSc (Hons) (4 years)
Northern Ireland (NI) and Other (non-UK) EU£4,275£4,160
England, Scotland or Wales (GB)£9,250£9,250
Overseas students£16,400£13,680
Postgraduate Taught DegreeAccounting and Finance BSc (1 year)No Accounting and Finance related PG
UK/EU students£6,500N.A
Overseas students£19,900N.A

Note: All the course fees have been taken from respective universities.

2. Accommodation

Accommodation is another key element and probably the largest of the monthly cost for International students. The fees depends on the residence city and duration of stay. The undergraduate residences lease period usually is between 38 weeks to 44 weeks. The lease period for postgraduate residences is generally about 51 weeks.

We are here comparing the same universities we have selected for the tuition fees.

Scotland England
University of Glasgow University of St AndrewsUniversity College London (UCL)The University of Manchester
Undergraduate Residences39 weeks38 weeks39 weeks42 weeks
Lowest price£3,732£5,244£11,602£3,990
Highest price £6,959£9,156£4,892£5,796
Postgraduate Residences39 weeks50 week50.57 weeks51 weeks
Lowest price£4,666£5,113£15,045£4,845
Highest Price£8,938£13,577£6,344£7,038
WalesNorthern Ireland
Cardiff UniversityBangor UniversityQueen's University, BelfastUsler University
Undergraduate Residences39 weeks42 weeks39 weeks44 weeks
Lowest price£4,165£4,046£2,925£3,300
Highest price£8,539 £7,934£5,070£6,600
Postgraduate Residences51 weeks51 weeks51 weeksN.A
Lowest price£5,517£5,073£3,825N.A
Highest price£8,539£9,640£6,630N.A

3. Living cost

Besides the tuition and accommodation cost, phone bills, food, books, transportation etc. Also, the cost that international students should consider. These costs will differ depending on the individual necessities, lifestyle and also the city where they live. Usually, £6,000 to £10,000 per year is enough for a decent student living standard.

As an international student, you may work part-time up to 20 hours per week during the term, or full time during your university holidays. This can help you to have some extra cash on hands. More information about working on a student visa can be found here.

The expense of study in the UK can be variance, plan your cost of study ahead and enjoy the best study experiences.